PIECEZZ PUZZLE • Bear 250 Piece


If you chose the bear puzzle that means inner you could relate to this beast. The primary meaning of the bear is strength and confidence in yourself. You also possess great leadership skills and can stand up for yourself. Nevertheless we all know a bear sleeps a little longer than everyone else. However, this “Piecezz” Bear set will not let you sleep all night long. It will take all of your knowledge to complete this 250 piece puzzle. If after some time you still can’t get the puzzle, we advise you call for help to complete it. It might need all families and friends imagination to finish this tricky puzzle.

The set includes:

–          250 detailed puzzle pieces

–          Bear Design Card

–          Bear Magnet

–          A frame for a complete puzzle that can be used to hang on the wall or stand on the table

Puzzle size – 280 * 355 mm

Level: Hard