PIECEZZ PUZZLE • Giraffe 70 Piece


If you chose the giraffe puzzle it might mean you’re a person of sincerity and interior calmness. Giraffe’s long neck allows it to reach heights above others, so this indicates that you possess the ability to see beyond appearances. Building this 70 piece giraffe puzzle will require all of your consecration and calmness. The puzzle pieces are made up of natural wood to let you enjoy the assembly process to the max. It’s important not to rush when putting this puzzle together and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the building process. If you follow this, we guarantee the pleasure of the finished piece.

The set includes:

–          70 detailed puzzle pieces

–          Giraffe Design Card

–          Giraffe Magnet

Puzzle size – 220 * 225 mm

Level: Intermediate