PIECEZZ PUZZLE • Horse 250 Piece


The horse has a very strong drive force, so if you have chosen the horse puzzle it means you’re a person of strong emotions and passion. It might also indicate that you have a great balance between instinctive and tamed part of your personality. If this is all true about you then this 250 piece horse puzzle is specially designed for you! This jigsaw is made up of natural wood to bring the assembly process enjoyment level to the max. If you’re brave enough to take the risk to complete this puzzle all by yourself and by the end of the day you can’t manage to finish it, you might need the help of your close ones.

The set includes:

–          250 detailed puzzle pieces

–          Horse Design Card

–          Horse Magnet

–          A frame for a complete puzzle that can be used to hang on the wall or stand on the table

Puzzle size – 280 * 355 mm

Level: Hard